Communism And The End Of History

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Humankind is constantly striving to reach a point in history where war ceases and every person on earth unites under a single cause. Articles like The Dell Theory, The End of History, and The Return of Geopolitics all offer a unique viewpoint on what will prevent war in the future, what the ideal political system is, and how to reach it. First, The End of History argues that when all countries unite together in practicing liberal democracy, humankind will have reached the end point of ideological evolution. In addition, The Dell Theory is about a man who orders a Dell laptop and proceeds to track the process of its creation to a myriad of countries. He uses this experiment to try to prove that all countries are tied in some way by trade and…show more content…
This theory was told about in the article “The End of History” by Francis Fukuyama. The idea that history ends when the world’s government is a form of Western liberal democracy is wrong for multiple reasons. Overall, there are two main threats to liberalism: fascism and communism. Both of these forms of governments were designed to be another alternative to Western liberal democracy and created to be better than it. They both have failed. For example, fascism was destroyed because of its lack of success. This was demonstrated by post-WWII Germany and its other counterparts from being bound to self destruct. Communism is different, however. The creator of this government, Karl Marx, said that liberal society contained a fundamental contradiction that could not be resolved within context. This “fundamental contradiction” was a class issue between the capital and its workers. This issue was resolved in the West, since the root causes of any economic inequality does not have to do with the underlying legal and social structure of our society. As a result, the appeal of communism in the developed western world is lower than any time since the end of WWI. In short, both Fascism and Communism were designed to be superior types of government but have failed. This could also be said about Western liberal democracy, since…show more content…
After the Cold War liberalism was supposed to be the main form of government ending geopolitics. However, the end of the war did not mean the end of other forms of government causing geopolitics to still be an issue today. Although geopolitics is an issue Thomas Friedman is trying to solve by the use of the Dell Theory and the Golden Arch Theory of Conflict Prevention. Another theory that is trying to ending violence and wars is the theory of the end of history. The theory of the End of History is when every country has a liberal democracy government causing the world to never go to war. In order for the End of History to come Mr. Friedman’s theories have to continue to work and if they do not work then war will continue to happen over land. The Dell Theory is going to continue to work while the End of History has not come and geopolitics is still an issue in many countries all over the
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