Communism Has the Highest Level of Ethics

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Communism has the Highest Level of Ethics When it comes to ethics, a communist government has the highest level. A communist country strives to manage both the economy and social issues with equality. Under a communist political realm, everyone is considered equal and resources are distributed evenly from the government, regardless of their economic and social standing. Communism believes in the greater good. The goal of a communist government is to govern with the idea that all people should contribute and work to create happiness for the common good. Their political ethics can be described as both humanitarianism and utilitarianism. A communist country has little crime because the law is strictly enforced. The government equalizes…show more content…
Maybe the failure of the communist model of government is based on the fact that humans have become more and more materialistic. Many humans believe that the more they, the richer they are, and the happier they will be. The truth of the matter is that, obtaining that “material” leads to most ethical and moral problems in other political systems. Hence, bringing the crime level to high and making ethics and morals a big issue. People have the impression that communism government equals a poor society and being poor signifies unhappiness. Let us evaluate Cuba; the Cuban Government is a communist one. In order for the communist regime to work, the Cubans must be secluded by the rest of the world. Humans always want what they cannot have. The Cubans think that the rest of the world has the “good life” and they are deprived of it. When my husband’s cousin married a Cuban, and she immigrated to Canada, she expected to live like a queen. She had the impression that she would be extremely happy because she would be showered with material items, such as cars, large homes, junk food and electronics. Little did she know that she needed to work really hard to afford those items. A capitalist society has nothing given to them for free; most of us need to work to afford the necessities. When she went to work and saw that the government took half her pay in taxes, she was complaining about fairness. She soon realized that she had to work for items that she received for free
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