Communism Is Still Considered A Hard Topic To Publicly

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Communism is still considered a hard topic to publicly address because for a large majority of Americans, you were taught to fear and hate anything that was associated with the “Red Scare”. From the beginning, Communism has had an issue being adapted widespread because of people’s refusal to forfeit their rights to attain certainty and security. Whereas Democracy and Capitalism have thrived because people want more, they want the opportunity to make something of themselves even if that means they may fail entirely. These points exemplify what Communism is, where it is, how it works, and why there is a better way to govern a country. What if I said that Communism was the perfect form of government and economic platform? Well I would be…show more content…
This mentality implemented by the government ensures maximum efficiency and coordination amongst all aspects of the economy. Communist government is set up in a top down construction with a leader, vice-leader, central committee, standing committee, local leaders, etc. It is set up in a way that a single party rules, thus making it easier on the current leader to effectively operate and impose their form of ruling. Also by eliminating a multiple party system, this omits opposing viewpoints and competition for spots within government. The central and standing committee are the main source of political power within the government. The leader of a communist country more of a figure head than an actual political leader. While many people within the state may look up to their leader, most if not all the actual leading is done through both committees. The leader is appointed by the central and standing committee that they see carries the values of the people, is perceived as powerful and stable, and maintains an image that the government and the people wish to project. In a Communist state, the focus is on efficiency and a focus point of that is on the people within that state because a government is only as good as the people they govern. By providing the all necessities that people to live and no wage or some necessities and a small wage, this takes a lot of stress and fear off the people

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