Communism: Russia and the US

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The author of The Devil We Knew wrote this book from a standpoint of displeasure at the way the government handled the Cold War. I believe that H.W. Brands was not alone in this feeling of the government failing its people. The Cold War was the third war in a very short period of time. During the first two wars 100,000 Americans and millions of non-Americans were slaughtered. The feeling of continuous war and death to simply be in another war was more than some people could stand (VI). Thus, their fear took on the image of communists, they became the scapegoat for everything we feared. The cause of the Cold War may go back further than we think. To use Brands words, “The Cold War had a double taproot” (3). It goes back to 1783 when we won our freedom and started our westward expansion. Russia likewise was expanding, however, they were expanding east. Toward America. As both countries wanted the same land tensions began building just a little at a time. Continuous parallel goals are wrapped throughout both countries time line. However, goals of complete opposite magnitude forced the two countries to a different idealism. The other root came from the early twentieth century when Woodrow Wilson instigated a campaign for world democracy. Americans believed that the spread of American intuitions, notable democracy and capitalism, would bless the peoples who embraced them just as these institutions had blessed the American people. In offering democracy and capitalism to the
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