Communism Vs Capitalism Essay

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When it comes to the economic systems that are found in government there are a wide variety with many different views on how a government should be ran economically. Two of the most popular economic systems that are found throughout the world are communist and capitalist. Within these two come many differences pertaining to how they were created and the fundamentals that they are based on. Along with this, there is a very large difference in the kinds of government that these economic systems are found in with capitalist economies being found in democracies and communist being found in more central, authoritarian governments. Because of the differences that these two systems have, it has caused much conflict between two of the most powerful…show more content…
A capitalist economic system is one that lets its citizens have their own individual rights to what they own, how they accumulate profit, and overall how they live their lives. This means that the citizens whose government promotes this kind of economic system can do anything with their lives based on the funding that they have. This form of economic system promotes the use of social classes to show whether you are in an upper, middle, or lower class and gives you the overall right to choose what you do with your life. Of course, this freedom is granted, but there still are laws, rules, and regulations to help guarantee that a capitalist democracy doesn’t collapse. According to William Ebenstein, the “close link between capitalism and democracy can best be seen in the fact that both first developed in one country, Britain” (Ebenstein 139). This overall being the form of government that the United States would adopt being why citizens are granted the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” For citizens living in this form of government it is much different than those living in a communist government because of the rights that are granted. Due to the rights that citizens have, there are many who become quite successful along with many who are not. Overall this gives an even distribution across the charts because
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