Communism Vs Communism

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“Can't we all just get along?” This is a rhetorical question that has been asked by friends, enemies, and everybody in between for generations. Ever since the beginning of the concept of an argument, people have tried to settle arguments. Settling arguments between people can be accomplished, but on a larger scale, how could the entire world just “get along?” With are the wars, hunger, and poverty in the world, one might wonder if there is one big solution to all the chaos that will solve all the world’s problems. Many people have tried different ways to control the chaos of the world, and a major factor is the form of government the people living in a specific area have. There are many political theories and government types, ranging from things such as a monarchy to a democracy. There is one specific political theory I want to talk about in this essay, and that is communism. Communism is a political theory created by Karl Marx in the 1840s. The basic principles within are that all property is publicly owned and that all goods are owned in common by a governing body and are available to all as needed. That doesn't sound as awful as people today make it out to be, does it? All the people are supplied food, clothes, and other necessities, there is no unemployment, therefore, there is total equality. But if you just dig a bit, you will find that there are actually serious flaws with the practice of communism in a country. Communism as a whole is doomed to fail due to lack of
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