Communism in China

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Communism in China as we know has played a major role in the countries political system over the past century. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao were the co-founders of the communist party in 1921. At the time China was in a world or turmoil ever since the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1911. For 10 years China was lost in a world with new ideas coming from all over the world. At the time, Duxiu and Dazhao saw an opportunity to bring change throughout a weakened China and they exploited it. The communist influence being brought by them and powers such as Russia influenced the Chinese way of thinking that Communism had new beliefs of the world and that all people should be seen as equal under the new government. Personally I am a very strong believer in…show more content…
These people worked hard for there land so they could support themselves and their families only to have it taken away from them and given the amount that the government deemed correct. “Three hundred million peasants would be involved, the great bulk of the population in central-south, south, southwest, and northwest China. About twenty-eight million landlords and their families would be affected.” (Dragon46) The communist party was making major changes and many people were not thrilled with the changes taking place. This had a direct impact on Chen and her family since this involved them directly and would involve Chen in the future.

Many Chinese rejected the communist ideas, but didn’t stand against them due to the consequences that would occur. This is why many revolutionary groups formed in secret so they could express their ideas without the government finding out. Chen states “A core of activists had gathered around us, and when it was made generally known that all landless and land-poor peasants and middle peasants could join and vote at meetings of the Poor Peasants’ Association, we soon had enough members to establish or rather re-establish it as the real headquarters of the land reform.” (Dragon129) The communist government was hurting the people and due to this, activist groups formed like the one mentioned above. These groups as time started springing up more and more throughout China about the major flaws in all

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