Communism vs Socialism vs Capitalism

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Communism vs. Socialism vs. Capitalism With every type of government, there are going to be many inefficiencies and flaws to deal with. A perfect way to run a country, socially and economically, has yet to be discovered. Social Equality and economic opportunity have proven throughout history to be two great entities that cannot be intertwined with each other. The idea of running communist country is good willed because it is striving for social equally for all and equal possession of the country's economic resources. The problem with communism is that this leaves room for corrupt leaders to take over and almost obliterates all incentives for personal success and would not in any way allow people the opportunity to "flourish" as Aristotle…show more content…
This allows the government to oversee everything corporations do and make sure they are doing it according to them. They have the authority to regulate production and the process of the production, limiting the freedom businesses have to do what they feel like is most efficient. The main purpose is to do what is the best for the people and to help the workers gain more benefits and rights from the corporations whom they work for, so in a sense they have a utilitarianism view of a society because they want to help the majority of the people. Socialism is still a free market and enterprise but it is much more limited than to what capitalistic country would be. This type of government still has incentives for people to work hard and succeed but you will see less go "from rags to riches". Socialism has many benefits for the middle class people and those who are not the economic elites in society. Economic equality is more leveled out in this type of government because they push for more rights and benefits for the middle class by attempting to somewhat redistribute the wealth in the economy. They do this indirectly by taxing corporations more and giving them less power in running their production at the most cost efficient way. This takes away money from the owners and elites and allows them less room to get even richer and create monopolies. Social equality is also important in a
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