Communist Manifesto, And Estranged Labor

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Communism has always been a word that was never discussed in a positive light. In my high school, which was medium size, mainly democratic, and mainly white, communism was always put down. When I think of a communist society I envision North Korea. A society that most people do not know much about other than the fact that people have zero rights, everything is monitored, only propaganda is released, and it is overall a horrible way of life. The first time my eyes were open up to the idea that communism may not be all that bad was reading Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” and “Estranged Labor.” Marx successfully challenged the critiques put forward on such a controversial topic by defending this idea with relevant points. Marx’s “Estranged Labor” discusses how workers experience alienation. He then elaborates by discussing 4 different types of his labor theory. The first type is about how the worker relates to his product of work as a foreign object, meaning that the worker does not own the product he’s making. This in hands makes it difficult for the laborer to connect with the outside world because while everyone is buying these expensive products, he is the one producing them and is, in turn, unable to afford them. The second type suggests that the work does not belong to the worker and how he is forced to make it for someone else. In this day and age, most things that people do are done for themselves; therefore, the fact that there are people who aren’t able to own what…

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