Communities Are Human Groups, Networks, And Associations Of People Essay

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I. Introduction According to Brueggemann (2014)“Communities are natural human groups, networks, and associations of people related to one another by at least one common or compelling factor in more or less loosely linked forms of connection”(p.142). Communities are not only a place where a group of people cohabitate but a linkage among people sharing common interests and activities. In every community there are social workers that advocate on the behalf of the vulnerable and oppressed population. A social worker needs to become familiar with the communities that their clients reside in, to better provide local resources and aid to clients. In every community there are resources and assets that could be used to improve its social environment. For example, many communities have programs like the YMCA that promotes youth development and communication among people living in the community. In addition, a social worker that provides direct services to client needs to be aware of the resources available within the community and the population seeking the assistance. By identifying which people live in a certain community, social workers could develop cultural humility and have a better understanding of their client’s values, morals and heritage. Having this knowledge is crucial since some resources are specifically tailored to certain groups. For instance, some senior centers provide meals, transportation, and employment assistance for the elderly. Knowing the population that lives
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