Community Analysis for Homeless Families Essay

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Listening to the evening news, it takes little imagination to figure out many families are in trouble. The National Coalition for the Homeless estimate that on any given night in the United States of America, there are seven hundred thousand people on the streets and without shelter (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2010). Within this analysis for the homeless, let us consider families, residing in Independence,
Missouri. The problem outlined, in an article by James Evertt, in the Independence Examiner, quotes Larry Blick, a former Independence City Manager, putting the number of homeless students in the district at five hundred sixteen. Evertt goes on to share a comment by, Cathy Asher, shelter director of Salvation
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Many cities have outlawed begging and loitering in public areas. She quoted the New York Times as stating that the concern over tourism, sanitation, and business as the force behind criminalization of homelessness. Having a large homeless population gives the impression that the area is unsafe and negatively affects the quality of life (More, 2010). Independence needs to be proactive and do more to insure that there are no homeless families within our city, not by making homelessness illegal but by providing safe affordable homes and programs to help families regain their status as tax paying citizens. The Mills Family Transitional Living Centers The Mills Family Transitional Living Centers would place homeless people in foreclosed homes. To be eligible for a home, the applicant, a family or single person, would need to submit a homeless letter and a history of homelessness. The history would be important as chronic homelessness may indicate counseling or evidence that a mental evaluation may be in order. Applicants that are able to benefit from job training would receive reduced rent and utilities during the training. The same reductions would apply for college classes. Work on their home or on another home in the program would earn points. Training classes on home maintenance and upkeep could earn points. Attending budgeting classes or providing childcare for
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