Community Archaeology : Archaeology And The World Of Archaeology

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Community archaeology is another sub-discipline of archaeology, just like Indigenous archaeology is. What is community archaeology, and why does it matter? These are the main two questions that plague community archaeology. From the outside community archaeology just looks like another version of Indigenous archaeology, but it is not. Community archaeology, is archaeology for the people by the people. This is the simplest of definitions, while there is no concrete definition of what community archaeology is, even at the end of the Archaeology in the Community conference the participants were still no closer to a concrete definition. It seems everyone has their own definition of what community archaeology is. There are some common reoccurring themes, “such as cooperation between professional and non-professional archaeologist, and the belief that archaeology does not have to take place in private between consenting companies.” (Moshenska and Dhanjal 2006: 1) The integration of the public into to the world of archaeology isn’t a new concept, archaeologist for decades have been looking to the public to help better understand their surrounds and the history of the area. Ethnographies have been helpful in understanding and interpreting the past, these ethnographies were developed through interviews and observing the locals in a certain area. The emergence of community archaeology has never been pinpointed to one area of the world, since it is practiced all over the
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