Community Architecture : Architecture And Architecture

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What is ‘Community Architecture’?
The ‘Community Architecture’ is kind of architectural practice between architects and users. Also, it can be described as architect follow the wish of users or community to design the building fit the requirement by using local materials and helps the residents to build the structure. Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) described ‘Community Architecture’ should follow the idea about "The aim of community architecture is to improve the quality of the environment by involving people in the design and management of the buildings and spaces they inhabit." () In general, architect call ‘Conventional Architecture’ product, nevertheless ‘Community Architecture’ represents the process rather than the product and most proponents claim that the built product of ‘Community Architecture’ is often better than the product of conventional architecture. “Community architecture means that the personal who inhabit it are involved in and may even be instigators of, its creation and its management as well. The inhabitants are the clients; and the architect works for, or at least with them--in contrast to the typical situation where architects and user never meet.” () The ‘ community architecture’ was the newly invented notion that user participation in the environment is more important than any of another architectural concept, especially in contrast to ‘conventional architecture’. The reasons of that could be limited resources, materials and…
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