Community Attitude Towards Female Education

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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Of ACADEMIC RESEARCH Vol. 3. No.1. January, 2011, Part III COMMUNITY ATTITUDE TOWARDS FEMALE EDUCATION Dr. Saqib Shahzad , Riasat Ali , Muhammad Zaighem Qadeer , Hukamdad , Muhammad Saeed Khan Institute of Education & Research, University of Science & Technology, Bannu, 2 Project director CIEDA Ministry of Education, Islamabad 3 Department of Education, NUML Islamabad, Pakistan 4 Department of Education Hazara University, Haripur Campus Haripur, (KPK), (PAKISTAN) E-mails:,,,, ABSTRACT Education is basic right of each individual. Provision of educational facilities to all its masses is the obligation of society. In…show more content…
Besides the cultural prescription of gender roles, this disparity is also due to an inadequate number of vocational training and professional institutions for women. Out of around 200 professional colleges in the country, 10-15 exist exclusively for women, with the female enrolment rate half that of boys. Similarly, the gender ratio in public sector universities is recorded as 30-35%. The number of polytechnic institutes exclusively for women is also very low. Education empowers women to take control of their lives. It provides them with greater opportunity and choice to improve their lives and that of their families. Education is the key to overcoming oppressive custom and traditions that have negated the needs of girls and women (Khan, 2007). Human resource development is only possible if males and females of the country are highly educated and skilled. But the participation rate of women in education in our country is deplorably low, which is a matter of great concern that is perhaps mainly due to socio-cultural norms of the country in general and the province of N.W.F.P. in particular (Qureshi, 2007). Many parents have concerns for both the physical and the moral safety of their daughters in formal school environment and travel required to locations outside the home village compounds those fears. Using the local mosque as a school has been a solution which is attractive to parents. It takes into account
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