Community Based Corrections Essay example

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Community based corrections is a program which supervises people who have been convicted or are facing conviction. It is a non-incarcerate system of correction. These offenders have been convicted or are facing conviction. Some offenders have entered these programs before being in jail and some serve a part of their sentence in jail before entering the program. The goals of the community based corrections would be one of providing guidance, program opportunities and support to the offender’s who are returning to the communities. (Goals- Re-entry Initiative) They are to help prevent the offender from recidivism. These programs are designed to help with programs such as employment assistance, continued education, drug classes and …show more content…
(Probation and Parole Programs) We have home detention programs which allow the offender to continue to stay at home and carry on with his daily activities, doctor appointments and court appointments. The first and second level offenders have curfews and home incarceration. All offenders are under close supervision. Electronic Monitoring is the usage of passive or active supervision. These devices allow the officer to speak to the offender at any given time. The home monitoring system is also used in their home. This type of program sets limitations on their location and activities. DWI offenders have a community service program that is designed for offenders to work for the public or non-profit organizations with pay. These programs support offenders’ rehabilitation. The Safe Ride Home Initiative Program is a program to cut down on DWI’s by offering residents a ride to where they are going to drink and a ride home. (Interview with Officer Patrick Apodaca) There is a program for youth to protect the community from those youth placed in their custody. This program was created to provide and maintain alternatives to detention through community supervision programs that promote education, healthy lifestyles and positives choices for youth and their families. (Youth Services Center) In a publication I found a research on Evidence- Bases Adult Corrections Program – What Works and What Does Not. In this report, the outcome is to determine the
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