Community-Based Corrections and Evidence-Based Practices

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The residents live within the facility and not in their homes, they must also be employed or at least on part time jobs, the residents can also leave the facility at any time to go to verified work, the residents can also leave the institution for any other reason but these must be pre-approved. There are various RCCfs that are found in the US today all with varied people that they serve though with a common goal of reducing crime and recidivism. These facilities are community corrections centers, halfway houses, intermediate sanction facility, mentally ill offender facility, parole violator unit, prerelease centers, probation boot camps, probation violator unit, residential drug treatment facilities, restitution centers, therapeutic communities, work ethic camps and work release centers (Cengage Learning, 2009). The evidence based practice is therefore and integral part of the community based correction. This is an approach that aids the authorities in the correction department to make well informed decisions based on the best available evidence on correction for the researches and these evidences acting as the guiding principles in correction policy development as…

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