Community Based Mental Health Care

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Mental health providers utilize many forms of research from the interventions that they use to provide care to their clients all the way to the assessment’s that they use to gauge the level of satisfaction of their clients with their services and how effective their services are in regards to their overall mental health wellness. Pennsylvania Mentor’s Lehigh Valley location provides Intensive Case Management (ICM) / Resource Coordination (RC) service, Family Based Mental Health Services and Certified Peer Support Services (CPS). Although these three programs are different, they all provide services to their clients in the home and in the community. ICM/RC’s help their clients with scheduling and following through with medical and mental health appointment, navigating social security and public welfare system, finding employment and utilizing community resources. Family Based Mental Health offers intensive mental health treatment to children who have a mental health diagnosis while providing services to their families. The CPS program help’s clients meet their recovery goals through the support of an individual who also has a mental health diagnosis. I had the opportunity to speak with Pamela Durdock one of the ICM/RC and CPS Program supervisors and Josh Hoch one of the Family Based Mental Health Services supervisors. Both Pamela and Josh were very knowledgeable within their respected departments and what the conditions of mental health services in the Lehigh Valley.
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