Community Block Video Analysis

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I am constantly on my phone almost every second of everyday; texting friends, scrolling through Instagram, tweeting, or sending ugly snapchats of myself. All behind a screen, I felt connected to my friends, my followers, and the world. However, I was actually slowly losing my grasp on reality as I indulged myself in the world of social medias. Reality hit when parents came to Wellness Committee with concerns about their children’s overwhelming use of technology. As the Director of the Wellness Committee, this issue became my focus because I realized that constantly being on technology was unhealthy. It was also affecting the connections I made with people in real life; I was always too busy on my phone to make conversation with the those around me. I wanted my peers to be aware of this and to encourage them to disconnect from technology and connect with the real world. Therefore, I organized an informative community block and a no-technology lunch with the Chair of the Wellness Committee.…show more content…
With it, I planned a discussion based on how technology affects our daily lives; this brought awareness to both the positive and negative effects of our devices. Lastly, I lead a no-technology lunch. Students put their phones in a “phone jail” and participated in interactive activities throughout campus. I got the librarian to shut down all the computers for lunch, the chess club to host chess competitions, and the book club to host a reading session. I also set up coloring stations, a jump rope section, a foursquare area, and a ball pit. With these activities, students completely disconnected from their devices and connect with others around
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