Community Center : A Family Resource Center

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Another one of my internships was at a family resource center. There services ranged from counseling, community classes, food pantry services, medical and dental services, and insurance assistance. Vista Community Clinic: The Gary Center helped different population of clients of all ages, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. One of my main tasks to do was help people fill out their Medi-Cal, Cal Fresh, and Cash aid applications. This task helped me learn more about the insurance system and how complicated it can be to apply to. I also assisted in the food pantry where I was able to interact with clients of all different ages and ethnicities. However, the major population served was Latino/a low income community. Working with population…show more content…
It was an amazing feeling being a part of the community of small non-profits agencies helping low income communities. At these health fairs, I would hand out flyers and talked to people interested in VCC: The Gary Center. At a small agency like the VCC: The Gary Center it was important to receive donations from local businesses. I had to contact many restaurants and grocery stores to donate food and gift card donations. This process was nerve wracking, because I never did outreach to businesses. However, I was quickly able to learn about the process of getting items donated. Many stores have a lengthy process that requires a statement about the agency and the event where the items will be donated too. Going through this process for multiple donation applications made me proficient in my writing skills and communication skills. Despite not working in the counseling program for VCC: The Gary Center, I was able to gain extensive experience in issues that low-income families need help with and important office skills that are necessary for agencies. An internship that goes in line with my future career is being a co-leader for a Human Services class named Character and Conflict.
A famous class in the Human Services major is Character and Conflict. Character and Conflict is a one of kind class for students at Cal State Fullerton. Some Human Services majors are required to take this
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