Community College: A Fictional Narrative

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“Okay, here we are” The man in the moving truck says as he hops out of the truck to help me unload. “Thanks for the ride.” I said shortly as he opened up the hatch and started unloading my furniture. “You a college girl?” he asked being a bit nosy, I replied simply with “ Yeah, it’s my first year,”. He looked at me and laughed, his voice echoing through the rural neighborhood. “Ain’t no colleges in Chandler.” I looked at him rather surprised as I said “Yes there is, the community college.” He looked at me with an almost worried look on his face. “Didn’t figure you would be going to a smaller college like that. My mistake.” We finished bringing everything and and unpacking it. “Thanks,” I said handing him a crisp $100 bill. He nodded and…show more content…
I open it and jump a little when I see an elderly woman with a teenager. The woman is holding a plate of muffins and the boy is holding some flowers. “Hello.” They say in sync. “Welcome to the neighborhood, I’m Edna, and this is my grandson Ethan” The boys brushes the bangs out of his eyes and extends his hand, which I shake politely. “Maybe we could hang out sometime.” Ethan said staring at the ground. Edna smacked the back of his head. “C’mon Ethan. She just moved here. Help the poor girl unpack!” She said demandingly. I had no clue what to do so I just led him inside. He helped me unpack my boxes and put my clothes away. We hooked up my television set and watched Judge Judy for…show more content…
I woke up later when I heard some rattling at the door handle. Panicked, I call out “Ethan, is that you?” As soon as I said that, the rattling stopped and I could hear footsteps in the hallway as the front door slammed open. But there wasn’t anybody there. I screamed as loud as I could and not even two minutes later Ethan was running inside to find me. “What’s wrong?!” He asked looking terrified. “Nothing, just a bad dream I guess.” I said with tears streaming down my cheeks. “That doesn’t explain why the door was open.” He said sternly. I insisted he should go home and he gave me his phone number in case I needed anything. I tried as hard as I could to stay awake, but eventually I succumbed to my
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