Community College And High School

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At some point in the life of a high school student, community college becomes an option when applying to colleges. In some cases for those looking to further their education past high school it is still an option, even to students who are already in college. However, not everyone is able to see the benefits of attending a community college. Somehow in the past millennia, community college somehow gained the reputation of being a punishment for things such as having bad grades in high school, sometimes due to things the student can’t control. It is my hope that I will be able to change this opinion of community college and actually encourage the idea that community college can help students to improve their grades and get
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Beginning the research process, and even now writing this paper, I have no idea exactly what I was looking for. At the time I was just searching to see what was out there in the way of credible sources relating to my topic and going with what I felt would be able to help me the most. I admit it’s not a great method, but it allowed me to find some very helpful sources that made writing this paper easier for me. Regardless, I found a variety of information ranging from personal statements, to interviews, to journal articles, it actually surprised me how much information I was found.

Apart from O’Keefe’s article though, there was one other source of inspiration that drove me to explore this topic. What really made me want to examine this topic was the number of my friends from high school who were going to community college. A good number of the friends I made in high school decided that rather than apply to a university they wanted to take some college classes at a community college for a year. For most of them, it turned out they were doing this because they didn’t have the grades to get into a university or because they felt their grades were not high enough. This knowledge furthered my curiosity and made me even question if I should have done this as well rather than apply immediately to CI.


As stated, it is my hope that this paper will be able to change the negative opinion of community college encourage the idea that community college can be
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