Community College For Free Essay

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Community College for Free

A "moderate" college budget for an in-state public college for the 2015–2016 academic year averaged $24,061. College is an extremely costly experience that limits most people from not coming into the graduation range due to the debts they would never be able to pay back throughout their life. Community colleges should have a free tuition so that upon attending, lower debt on students, a healthier lifestyle, community improvement, availability, and a smarter country may be implemented with the students.

College graduates can pull in higher paying employers, therefore the states can benefit by earning money off of these employers. Some children’s families cannot manage to help pay for the fees, housing, meals, books, supplies, and personal/transportation expenses, even with the pell grants and other scholarships being offered to them. Sixty percent of college students stress about not having enough money to pay for school, the other percentage are worried about not having enough to pay their monthly expenses on top of school (“College”). This in return may put a burden on society from becoming booming with well advanced and bold civilians due to the lack of interaction with college level wisdom. Student’s should all have a chance at further promoting their lives to flourish at what they believe they want to become, without having to deal with the later emotional struggles of money. Although graduates may pull in higher paying employers, the
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