Community College Should Be Free Essay

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Community college should be free for all students who want to attend school. There should be a set of rules applied to those that would take advantage of this privilege. In the United States, there are not very many programs that offer the opportunity for students to attend free colleges like other countries have. Some examples of the countries are Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany and France. The U.S. does have some programs that offer free tuition. For example Tennessee offers free tuition to students. The Tennessee Promise is a scholarship program that pays for your community college so you can go there tuition free. Another program is the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) in New York at the City University of New York. Community colleges should be free because it would not only attract more students, but would help students to focus more on school rather than thinking about how they are going to pay for their education. However, we need guidelines for applicants to attend such as maintaining a high GPA, giving back through community services hours, and other rules and guidelines to attract students that would continue to excel in their education and not waste the opportunity given to them to work towards a good career and give back. If we had free community colleges we could then have more students coming through the door advancing careers. The President wants more students to go to college so he made a proposal that all students who want to go to

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