Community College Vs. University Essay

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For me, the decision to go to college was never based on community college vs. university. In high school, I did not apply myself and did not make the grades to go to college. As graduation time came and went I found myself disinterested in the idea. I often felt that I wasn’t smart enough to pursue a higher education and the possibility of failure was too intimidating. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that I decided I wanted to earn a career and make myself into something she could be proud of. My dreams realized, I could see a clear path and was ready to take the plunge. However, my options were limited. Thanks to my lack of high school aspirations, I only had one choice: community college. Community college may seem like a school for underachievers, but in reality, its programs cater to many different individuals: High school students, adults returning to pursue (or finish) a degree, and people who are interested in taking recreational classes. Many community college students are programmed differently and they have different studying techniques and their own set pace for learning. The great thing about community college is that it can accommodate all of these individuals. Community college provides the tools and the know-how to help their students succeed. The affordability of community college, student enrichment programs, and smaller class sizes are just a few of its most desirable attributes. Despite the facts, there is a still a stigma surrounding the
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