Community College or University?

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Choosing a college or deciding to even go to college is one of the most stressful things that we have had to do in our lives so far. This is especially stressful when you don’t have the money to pay for college or don’t know what you want to major in. College is very expensive and the costs add up quickly. Community college is less expensive and is not much different than a university. You can start majoring in something in a community college and then transfer your credits to a university. Many people choose a university because they think that community college is only for those who can’t get into a university, but that is not true. We will discuss the similarities and differences in a community college and a university throughout this…show more content…
It is much easier to explore majors in a community college. Once you understand the differences and similarities it is easier to choose what type of college you want to go to. College is expensive anyway you look at, but if you go in with a plan it might make it a little easier. Whether it is a community college or university, at least you are getting an education. It is nice to know that at least you went to college and you have some type of higher education background. It is hard and stressful choosing a college but it doesn’t get any easier from here.

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