Community Colleges : A Wide Variety Of Population With Different Needs

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Summary Because community colleges are serving a wide variety of population with different needs, they have to make sure that each needs are fulfill and most important the mission is being carried out. “The students who attend to upgrade their skills for a particular job, students who are pursuing an associate degree to transfer to a 4-year institution, and students who attend to pursue a hobby (such as learning a language); the educational outcomes of community college students reflect this diversity” Students at Community Colleges. (n.d.). The purpose of the article was to inform the public about African American and Latina/o students who attend community colleges and the success and knowledge that they gain reflects on how well the overall experience at the community college have prepared them for the real world and their future. According to Scandoval-Lucero, Maes and Klingsmith (2014), “Community colleges have the potential to significantly impact the higher education outcomes for the students that they serve” (para. 5). The mission of the community colleges is to work with individuals from different background, academic skills and diverse educational backgrounds. Therefore, learning outcomes evaluation or assessment in community colleges brings wide range of opportunities and challenges typically to these colleges and the students that they represent. Community colleges have been providing open access to everyone who did not get accepted in a four year
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