Community Conceptual Model

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Community Conceptual Model

Community Conceptual Model Conceptual models are effective guides and tools used for nursing practice. They merge concepts and ideas providing a framework for how to think or demonstrate the elaborate connections between concepts, structures, or a system. They categorize existing interrelationships amid concepts into ways that can effectively direct actions and interventions. The objective of this paper is to define and examine the social ecology model and its application to the nursing process and community health problems. Historical Development The historic development of the social ecology model originates back to the systems theory and Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner’s social ecological
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Development of policies that support healthy lifestyles will support health promotion, education, and continuity of care. The final stage is evaluation of the effectiveness of the interventions. Applications in Community Health The social ecological model is often used for studies with high risk populations. Efforts to prevent obesity and other chronic diseases often use the social ecological model. The model looks at all levels of influence that need to be addressed to encourage healthy lifestyles. Addressing obesity and other chronic disease begins with the individual. This involves assessing an individual’s beliefs, attitudes, and knowledge. Through relationships and support of family, schools, communities, and government, behavior can be changed. Interpersonal groups in this model are families, friends, or any group interrelated will also influence healthy behaviors. They can provide support in eating right and increasing physical exercise. Community level includes schools, churches, work, and other groups that influence the individual. The community can support policy change and improvements in the environment for example improving access to healthy foods, changing zoning ordinances, and providing recreation centers providing physical exercise. Society is the level that encompasses all levels, involving individual, interpersonal groups, organizations, and
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