Community Control Group Business Plan

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The Community Control Group, upon activation of the Emergency Plan, will deploy and coordinate any additional resources that are required. These members will also have the only contact with the media. All communication with the public will be through the Liaison to the Public Information Officer. d. Mobilization of Provincial Resources Other Provincial resources requested by the Unified Command through the local emergency operations center will be mobilized through the Fire or Police Chief or appropriate member as outlines in the Emergency Plan. e. Deactivation of the Resources When resources are no longer needed, it is imperative to get them back to their home departments for response in their own areas. Deactivation or reassignment…show more content…
Health Canada at the Federal level would be the agency that would coordinate the response for a catastrophic event. III. Emergency Support Function Agencies Any of the support function agencies will be responsible for the following: • Ensure they have identified to requesting township what specialized equipment or personnel they have available. • Read and evaluate this appendix and the original plan to see if the procedures therein are what is required for a catastrophic incident response. • Identify any special needs or response requirements necessary to fulfil their commitment to this plan. • Contribute to and participate in any training necessary to support this plan and assist in the development of this training plan. IV. Support Agencies Roles in this Plan a. Communications • Coordinate with the Public Information Officer any information that is required for public knowledge and safety. b. Public Works • Analyze and correct issues with water and sewer services. In flood situations, close or open water mains or hydrants to assist with water flow. • Maintain and develop if necessary any procedures required for the analysis and correcting water or sewer
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