Community Correction Paper

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Community Correction Paper May 27, 2012 CJS/230 – Introduction to Corrections Community corrections programs are to oversee offenders outside of jail or prison, and are administered by agencies or courts with the legal authority to enforce sanctions. Such community corrections programs are probation and parole. There are also sub-programs that are parts of community corrections; such programs are drug-involved offenders, sex offender programs, and electronic monitoring technologies. Probation programs are correctional programs that are supervised within the community rather than jails or prisons. Parole programs for offenders are periods of conditional, supervised release from prison. By using such programs as these,…show more content…
Over the years a substantial number of law enforcement and correctional agencies have instituted partnerships in which state from both agencies jointly perform functions that provide benefits to both agencies. Many of these police-corrections partnerships have been started in jurisdictions that first implemented community-policing programs, which try to reduce crime by solving community problems that contribute to crime. Solving these problems often requires access to services or resources that are controlled by other agencies or organizations in the community. Community policing emphasizes the formation of partnerships among police, the community, and other agencies to address selected problems. Police partnerships with corrections have the potential to reshape the way both policing and correctional services are performed. Example: if the police/corrections partnerships are successful in preventing crimes, the demand for high-security confinement may be lessened, and resources could be freed for other important social purposes, although these partnerships have not fully demonstrated themselves. Some of these partnerships are designed to work within a framework (like community policing) that would involve both law enforcement and corrections staff members in a pursuit for new
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