Community Corrections

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Community Corrections CJS/230 July 24th, 2011 Community Corrections In this paper, we will be discussing how community corrections affect society. In addition, we will examine my hypothesis about community corrections and their overall effectiveness in the correctional system. Furthermore, we will describe prison systems in foreign countries, as well as how other nations view and practice imprisonment. Moreover, we will discuss what might happen with the United States prison systems if we adopted another country’s prison system. Finally, I will give my thoughts and recommendations on the type of community corrections to implement in my community. What are community corrections? A community correction (most commonly known as…show more content…
My hypothesis about the overall effectiveness of community corrections is that it is lacking in its attempts to keep probationers off drugs and alcohol. Urinalysis tests are not fool proof, and can be easily passed with the help of detox drinks. I propose that hair follicle testing be incorporated into community corrections as a means of forcing probationers and parolees to abide by the rules and regulations while on probation or parole. The prison systems in foreign countries can be quite disturbing to say the least. Take Mexico for example, the prison and jail cells in certain areas of Mexico have no running water and prisoners will go to go to the bathroom in either a bucket or hole in the middle of the cell. The United States is the only country that will impose a life without the possibility of parole on juvenile offenders. For example, in Europe the maximum sentence for a juvenile is typically less than twenty-five years for any crime. In Germany, the maximum sentence is ten years for any youth under the age of eighteen. There is no telling what might happen if the United States adopted another country’s prison system. The way the prison system in the United States is set up now, allows for a decent life for prisoners while incarcerated. I believe that if you take that away from inmates, there would be an outpour of protests demanding better treatment for the inmates, by the inmates. The type of
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