Community Dance Commercial

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Good morning,

Today we are here to pitch our advertisement for a free community dance class.
Our dance class is being held by Happy Hippie Dance Studios and will be running a free Bollywood dance program. This 30 second video advertisement would be found on TV and YouTube. TV channels would include family channels and the advertisement would be played at times of the day where most members of the family are watching TV. For example, between 4-8pm. The ad would be pitched on YouTube before childrens videos, educational videos and music videos.We have chosen to put the advertisement on at these times and on these media platforms because they are family orientated and are often watched by members of the family at all ages.

The creative
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Once we had the materials where they needed to be, we added some effects like the writing over parts of the video. Lastly, we put everything together in the video, we made sure all the music matched and all the photos and videos were in the correct place.

There were many techniques used in our video, these include colour, emotive words, emotive pictures, jingles, alliteration, rhetorical and both an offer and demand gaze. Colour was used throughout the video, the colours that were used match the theme of Bollywood, therefore we used bright, but not florescent colours. Some of the colours we used were oranges, blues, purples, pinks and greens. The emotive words that were used in the advertisement are ‘if you don't want to dance like this…. But a little more like this, come to our free community dance class!”. These emotive words make people think about whether they are good at dancing or need improving, if the client thinks that they might need improving, they are more likely to go to the dance class.The emotive pictures and videos used are the videos of the woman dancing badly and also the video of the people dancing well. These videos would trigger humour and also feeling like you want
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The pathos part is when the funny dance video is on and also the rhetorical question.This makes people feel something and these feelings go towards helping the client/s make the decision to go the dance class. The logos comes into play in the rhetorical question because it makes the person think. Unlike pathos, the client/s are thinking logically not emotionally. The advertisement that has been developed for Happy Hippie Dance Studio targets families as their audience. Our advertisement perfectly suits to our audience because we have chosen to use techniques that appeal to encouraging advertisement techniques that show people how to have fun and exercise at the same time. The advertisement introduces the idea of fun and happiness while working out. All the techniques used in this video were purposely and skillfully put into play to ensure that this advertisement will be a success in the media outlets it is displayed
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