Community Development Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 1 UNIT 17: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WORK ASSIGNMENT TITLE: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – THEORY AND PRACTICE CATHERINE CARLIN Introduction: In this assignment I am going to explore the core theme of Community Development. In doing so, I will come to understand various theories and concepts, relevant legislation and policy, underpinning values, principles and ethics, and practice application with all regards to community development. In the first section of the assignment I will analyse the differences between Community, Community Work and Community Development and explain how Northern Ireland has become a more diverse community. Following this section I will analyse how worker/agency would go about analysing the strengths,…show more content…
Community: For the last two hundred years, the word community has been defined by different people in different times, but still is a difficult term to comprehend properly and appropriately and sometimes people do not know how and when to use it. For example the phrase community can be used in the following ways: Blacks community, student community, world community, Christian community, Muslim community, Hindu community, and so on and so forth. According to Arthur Dunham (1958) community is a group of human beings, settled in fairly compact and contiguous geographical area and having specific elements of common life as shown by manners, customs, traditions and modes of speech. Arthur further stated that the term community implies a group of people living in a particular area (village or town) who share some common interests and functions. Hence the term community refers to a common life of some kind which is based on feelings of association with one another. Prof Abdul Hameed (1999) stated that the term community is ‘A place where people can get the things they need and want. Communities have places for all the things people do. They have places where people learn and pray. They can be village, towns or cities’. Maclver and Page (1948) defined community in the following words: ‘The members of any group, large or small, who live together in
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