Community Emergency Preparedness And Response

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Community emergency preparedness and response is “dependent on the willingness of communities to prepare in advance and to respond to instructions as events unfold” (Scutchfiled & Keck, 2009, p. 564). An emergency can be anything from a pandemic of influenza to a natural disaster that causes “disruption of access to health care in a community” (Scutchfiled & Keck, 2009, p. 564), such as the forest fire that has occurred in The Neighborhood TM Season 2 Episode 5 (Neighborhood, 2014). This certain forest fire impacted the entire community, particularly those who have respiratory problems; we are going to look at how it specifically impacted the hospital, senior center, the school, and the Bley household. The impact the health care workers and the public health care teams had on the response of the community in this state of emergency. Summary of Events in the Neighborhood and Response of Health Care Workers Overview of the Neighborhood, Hospital, and Senior Center The Neighborhood is home to 64,200 people, the majority of them being older than 60 (Neighborhood, 2014). It is located near a forest and off the banks of a river (Neighborhood, 2014). In Season 2 Episode 5 of the Neighborhood, there has been a forest fire for almost a week, to the west of the Neighborhood (Neighborhood, 2014). The fire has destroyed countless acres of land and has yet to be contained (Neighborhood, 2014). While the firefighters are hard at work trying to stop the fire from spreading and to get it
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