Community Gardens And Green Spaces

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Purpose The purpose of this speech is to provide information and encourage city residents to invest in gardens in their neighborhoods by showing that community gardens increase property value as well as improve the emotional and physical well-being of their citizens who participate in the project. Additionally, community fruit and vegetable gardens can help provide fresh produce for residents on fixed incomes for little to no cost outside of volunteer time.
Audience My ideal audience will consist of community leaders, urban planners, neighborhood improvement groups, gardening clubs and the ordinary citizens of the city who are interested in improving their lives, health and neighborhoods.
This topic is very significant because over the past several decades, urban and neighborhood planners have strayed away from green spaces throughout their projects. Green spaces encourage interaction among citizens as well as improving the environment in the vicinity. In this divisive political climate, it is almost necessary to provide areas where families and individuals can come together and enjoy a less stressful environment.

I. Introduction
a. Audience Hook: Increasing community gardens and green spaces in urban areas can help decrease crime in some neighborhoods, revitalize neglected industrial areas and create healthy, livable neighborhoods (Kuo & Sullivan, 2001). Increasing trees in urban areas has been shown to lower asthma rates in resident…
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