Community Hazard Assessment : Paso Del Norte

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Community Hazard Assessment: Paso del Norte
Trista R. Eckert
FSC 147 Fall 2016
September 18, 2016

Community Hazard Assessment: Paso del Norte Emergency preparedness starts with addressing a community’s specifics needs and identifying its demographics and characteristics. After enough data has been collected and analyzed, developing partnerships, creating and implementing strategies, and evaluating outcomes comprise the process of the Community Hazard Assessment. The region Paso del Norte is situated in the southwest in North America and includes parts of New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. There are special considerations that this region entails, such as social, cultural, and economical concerns as well as geographical and topographical elements. Paso del Norte includes the United States – Mexico border, three metropolitan areas: El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, and Las Cruces, as well as large military installations Fort Bliss and White Sands Missile Range that would be required to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate in the event of a major disaster.
Conducting a Community Risk Analysis As described in the example guide from the United States Fire Administration, conducting a community risk analysis is the first initiative in order to provide emergency planners knowledge of safety problems and demographics. In this first step, researching and analyzing data is required in order to identify issues and develop a profile of the community as a whole. In…
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