Community Health And Organizational Dynamics

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Community Health and Organizational Dynamics Our medical staff and our allied healthcare employees have an important role in safeguarding the health of our patient populations. This healthcare organization’s staff has dedicated its efforts to ensure that the community have access to high quality healthcare. In an effort to improve the quality of care, the hospital strives to ensure that even the poorest members of the community receive the highest quality of care. The efforts of our hospital are in accordance with the ACHE Code of Ethics. This code urges members of the medical profession to promote affordable and accessible care (ACHE, 2011). The actions of our hospital are also in accordance with the principle of community benefit. This…show more content…
The closure of this clinic would go against the culture that the healthcare organization has promoted and the mission that it pursues. Healthcare organizations have an obligation to protect vulnerable populations by ensuring that access to healthcare is not hindered (Weber, 2001). This obligation is derived from the principle of common good. According to this principle, organizations need to embrace integrity as they promote the social welfare of communities (Kammer, 2012).The short term goals that the hospital needs to develop to address this problem includes assuring the community and the medical staff that the well-baby and pre-natal clinic remains open. It has been observed that leaders are in the best position to offer direction to their organizations (Stephenson, 2004). As part of its long-term strategy, the new leadership should continue to support the long standing mission of the hospital. As leaders of the hospital, they influence and primarily define the mission statement of the hospital. The entire leadership team of Metropolitan Hospital needs to advocate for the delivery of care to poor and vulnerable populations as this is one of the hospital’s values. The leadership also needs to promote a culture of excellence. The Goals of Medicine and Clinical Quality Respecting the rights of patients is one of the main goals
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