Community Health Assessment and Diagnosis Essay

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Community Diagnosis A Community Health Epidemiology Study with Community Diagnosis HGT Community Health Practicum/HAT1 Erika J. Schnell, R.N. 11/05/2012 Western Governor’s University Community Diagnosis Abstract The following is an assessment of an Eastern Washington Community known as Chelan/Douglas Counties which will lead to a community diagnosis. This community diagnosis is based on publicly available statistical data gathered using the concepts of epidemiology of birth rates and leading causes of death and assessing the communities determinants of health from the websites of the Chelan/Douglas County Department of Health, the Washington State Department of Health, the World Health Organization, the Federal Centers for…show more content…
The Wenatchee Metropolitan Statistical (MSA) includes Chelan and Douglas Counties and it depends heavily on agriculture, retail, recreational activity and hospitality for employment of the bulk of their residents. The largest age group within the 118,000 population is the 35-64 year olds at 43,370 and followed by the 0-17 year olds at 28,318 and then the 18 – 34 year olds at 22,105 and finally 65+ at 17,056. This puts the bulk of the work force at approximately 65,475 individuals of prime working ages. Unemployment rates are 12% for Chelan County and 15% for Douglas County. The number of residents who have an Associate Degree or Vocational Certificate is 10% and the number who have Bachelors or higher is 8% for both counties combined. The area’s population has grown annually by 40% since 2004, despite a 1% decrease in the annual birthrate, in Chelan County the infant mortality rate (IMR) was 4.1 per 1,000 live births in 2010 which has increased 3% from 1998. In Douglas County the IMR was 0.0 per 1,000 live births, decreased 100% from 1998. Many individuals are relocating from California to retire, and recreational enthusiasts are Community Diagnosis moving here for the nature and recreational areas and many migrant workers are deciding to take up residence and stay in the area (Chelan/Douglas Trends, 2011). The average wage is measured by the average earned income through means of employment or self-employment. Chelan/Douglas Counties average wage was $32,378 in
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