Community Health Nursing Final Exam Study Guide Essay

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NUR 420 Fall 2013 Final Exam Focus Areas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Health care for homeless, why is it so costly? They typically have to stay in the hospital for a longer amount of time because they have a lot more co-morbidities that need to be treated. Being brought to the ED is extremely expensive. Critical interventions are very costly, and so are all the diagnostic tests that must be done. They usually don’t have insurance. High mental heath issues in the homeless population. High risk for infections, trauma, violence. Don’t age very well. Where do they seek health care services? (pg. 425, Effects of Homeless on Health) Health care is usually…show more content…
Youth violence, how does it effect communities? What preventative things can be done to reduce the violence among this age group? (pg. 435) A doctor suggested that community mental health providers work to do the following: Reestablish the village through the creation of coalitions and partnerships. Provide access to health care and mental health care to treat conditions associated with violent behavior. Improve bonding, attachment, and connectedness by supporting mothers and families. Improve self-esteem among youths by recognizing and building on strengths. Increase social skills by helping children learn to stop, think, and act. Reestablish the adult protective shield by educating and supporting parents. Minimize the effects of trauma through early intervention. 5. How do nurses care for very poor families? (pg. 423, Briefly Noted section) A client’s advice to nurses who care for the poor is as follows: Treat the poor like everyone else. Do not be condescending. Do not make it obvious
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