Community Health Nursing Intervention And Evaluation Essay

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The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation N4462 Community Health Nursing Clinical Project Proposal Worksheet for Assignment Three Community Health Nursing Intervention and Evaluation Fall 2016. DUE: Week 6, Saturday, 11:59 PM. See Course Schedule and Due Date ● Please complete the following worksheet and submit by the due date via the Blackboard Assignment Drop Box. (You can submit earlier if you wish). Use it as a guide to frame your clinical project. Consult with your Preceptor for review and comment before completing. Remember, your Preceptor may ask you to do a specific project. This completed form is the written part of the graded Assignment 3 Rubric and will keep you focused. You will complete this form via Blackboard. Submit completed worksheet to Preceptor once Clinical Faculty has reviewed and notified you that it is acceptable. Please do not solicit for any donations. If you plan to give yourself credit for written material, do not include the “UTA College of Nursing” or “Student Nurse” on your flyer. Please see your Clinical Faculty for assistance if you have any questions on the directions. This component is part of the 20% of your grade for Assignment Number 3. STUDENT NAME: _Daniela Catano_________________________________ CLINICAL SITE: ______Bebensee Elementary____________________________ Is the project agency requested? YES □ NO □ Project Description of Intervention Give an overview of
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