Community Health Nursing Reflection Essay

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Community Health Nursing Reflection
Diane Schlicke RN MSN

Community Health Nursing Reflection

The role of the community health nurse in the participating family’s community is to focus on the health needs of the aggregate or group. Community health nursing refers to a systematic, comprehensive focus on wellness, health protection, and disease, and injury prevention for the population residing in a specific area. The nurse functions as advocate, case manager, consultant, health care provider, educator, and collaborator with other agencies for healthy outcomes of the entire community. Nurses involved in the health of a specific community such as the family participating will assess the members living in the demographic
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Education of the population is important. Developing and providing instructions to reframe from outdoor activities during the peak hours of traffic in the neighborhood will minimize exposure.
Effective health seeking behaviors related to the expressed desire for a higher level of wellness, evidenced by, involvement in physical/recreational activity in the community. The nurse may assist the members of the community to explore motivations, behaviors, and feelings regarding their determination to increase their level of wellness. In response to the person’s self- awareness for the desired elevation of maximum health, the nurse may reinforce the need to modify and plan more achievable personal goals.
Due to long working hours, sedentary activity levels, and other personal responsibilities the nurse may assess some community members display a nutrition imbalance related to excessive caloric intake in comparison to expenditure of calories, evidenced by, weight gain of more than 20% over ideal for height and frame. Interventions provided by the community nurse may include education of a balanced healthy dietary regimen that include foods frequently eaten but prepared with less fat and calories for the targeted population. The nurse will weigh each
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