Community Health Nursing Task 2 Essay

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Measles Outbreak 2013 Amanda Beasley Western Governor’s University Describe a Specific Communicable Disease Outbreak In early April 2013 a measles outbreak was discovered in North Carolina. By mid-May the outbreak had been identified in Stokes and Orange Counties via 23 active cases. Every case was linked back to a family that had spent 3 months in India and had not been vaccinated. By the 16th of April the state laboratory of Public Health was able to confirm the diagnosis, with the last known case being confirmed on May 7th. The investigation of this outbreak revealed 4 patients with a confirmed diagnosis that had received one of vaccination of the two part series. The other 19 cases had not ever been vaccinated. The North…show more content…
The other 4, had received 1 vaccination in the 2 shot series. (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, 2015) Effects of Outbreak on My Community A measles outbreak in my community would cause massive strain on our resources at the local level. Being the small community we are, the threat of spreading the disease is always a real concern. There are two banks, two gas stations, 18 churches and 5 schools within the county limits. The hospital in neighboring Pasquotank is relatively small for the areas it serves, the emergency room has eight fast track beds, twenty six main side (including tow trauma bays) and 13 chest pain beds, the other floors hold a maximum census of 30 with 6 nurses. The strain on the hospital and healthcare staff would be significant, the other floors stay at full census almost daily without any outbreaks. I do believe depending on the number affected it would be comparable to when the flu hits our community hard and the emergency room has long wait times and the chest pain unit is used as overflow for admitted patients without beds. These count for long stays and short supplies. The hospital requires all employees to be up to date on all vaccinations, however the risk to passing the disease to other patients is a concern. The fast track area is where we set up isolation for contagious disease, as it provides distance from the main but is still within close proximity to the nurse’s station. The need for all hands on
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