Community Health Nursing and Cultural Competence

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Jpz777 03/05/2013 Order # A2087342 Working as a nurse in the most diverse nation on Earth provides limitless opportunity to interact on a personal level with individuals and families with cultural backgrounds that differ from your own, and the concept of cultural competency has emerged in recent years to address this increasingly prevalent phenomena. The barrier of language can prohibit a patient from properly explaining their symptoms, treatment options may be foregone or avoided due to religious obligation, and even the dietary requirements of certain cultures may affect a nurse's ability to effectively administer pharmaceutical medication. All of these issues represent the sound reasoning behind advocating for cultural competency within the field of nursing and healthcare delivery, because no patient should ever be placed at a disadvantage when it comes to their personal health simply by virtue of their cultural background. Research on the efficacy of nursing within culturally diverse environments, such as university health centers located in major metropolitan areas, has consistently concluded that "culturally competent care means providing care within the context of a patient's culture and beliefs (and) to provide this care as a community health nurse, you need to continually acquire knowledge, refine skills, and assess yourself … (because) becoming culturally competent is an ongoing process" (Huber, 2009). By adopting the practices of cultural competency in one's
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