Community Health Perspective

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A Community Health's Perspective for Disease Control & Prevention

The paper is intended to ascertain research statistics, facts, policies and analysis of topics that contributes to the health and wellbeing of a community. The effects of injury prevention and the control of infectious diseases are discussed. The rationale of controlling the cost of healthcare through behavioral and lifestyle changes is discussed. How does the exploitation of drugs, alcohol and tobacco influence the health of the community? In a community health setting, the relationship between affordable housing and violence prevention is analyzed. The impact of obesity on the community and other forms of chronic illness is
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Public health is a science that studies the characteristics and factors that affects the health of a community. Studies are focused on protecting and improving the health of communities through lifestyle changes, research and education. Community health focuses the quality of life within a specific geographical region, which is not precise to people with mutual characteristics. Community health is sub-categorically classified as a discipline within the field of public health.

Research and data analysis in community health is not effective without skilled and properly trained public health professionals. These professionals are responsible for communicating public health information gathered by surveillance and health information systems to the appropriate authorities. Authorities include healthcare providers, policymakers and healthcare agencies involved in the control and regulations of community health problems. Public health officials conveys to their authorities, scientific evidence critical to the health and decision-making process of a community. Recommendations and other forms of persuasions are not the responsibilities of a public health official. Rather, it is the responsibilities of policy makers to make decisions based on the facts and scientific evidence presented by public health officials.


Disease can be classified as anything that impairs the performances of essential functions of the human body.
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