Community Health & Population Focused Nursing

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B1. Community I did my study for this assignment in Stokes County, North Carolina which is where I recently moved to from Iowa. Stokes County is made up of several small towns but King, which is where I live, is the largest town. Stokes County is in the middle northern part of the state near the Virginia border, a mountain chain, and a lot of wilderness. Some of the towns are incorporated and some are not and a few only claim to be villages. Using the Population Economic Status Assessment, I looked at the State & County Quick Facts last revised: Feb-2015 and found that the county population is at about 46,588. The Caucasian population makes up 93.8% of the population, African American 4.4%, Hispanic 2.7%, and the remainder is 1.1%. The…show more content…
The area is pretty rural and many of the housing structures appear to be modular or mobile homes. Several of the “stick-built” structures are in varied levels of disrepair. There is a lot of open space and land used for agriculture. The roads are mostly paved, but narrow and winding; especially in the northern part of the county. There are occasionally homes with evidence of solar panels and/or windmills, but they are not often seen. There are many churches of different denominations, but mostly Christian, seen all over the county. There are very few examples of public transportation in Stokes County. There are parks available in the town centers, but they are small. There is Hanging Rock State Park offering hiking trails and camping with plenty of streams and ponds for fishing and outdoor activities. The following were issues that I found based on concepts of epidemiology. 1) The county is medically underserved as it is a more rural area with hard to access areas. 2) Dentists are not staying in the area and we have fewer dentists than the NC state average per 10,000 people. 3) There is a lack of public transportation and 4) there is a lack of mental health care services. These things make Stokes County residents be at higher risk overall for poverty related issues like unemployment, malnutrition, lack of
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