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Application of Community Health and Population Focused Nursing
VWT Task 1
Cassidi Roberts
Western Governors University

Community Health and Population Focused Nursing McKinney, Texas is “unique by nature”. As one of the fastest growing cities in the US, McKinney has a current population of more than 149,000, located 30 miles north of Dallas and is the seat of Collin County. McKinney offers rolling hills, lush trees, a historic downtown square and unique neighborhoods and developments. The city ranks number 2 in the CNN’s Money Magazine Best Places to Live in America’s list (Live Edit, n.d.). According to the US Census Bureau (2010), McKinney was one of the most populous places to live with a census of 54,369 in 2000 and
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The Windshield Survey and aspects of the Community and Population Health Scavenger Hunt harvested reason to look beyond the surface of this picturesque town. Using the Windshield Survey as a method to see McKinney from a different perspective allowed time to make observations about the community that have been overlooked for years going through the motions of life. Some of the reflections made by using this survey include that the town is very well kept, shops and restaurants surround nice residential areas, and many people were out walking, running, or riding bicycles which supported why McKinney has the highest ranking for overall health in the state of Texas. Personal observations of the community in conjunction with visiting one of the eight local Fire/EMS stations and the local hospital allowed development and understanding of the Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory. In addition to visiting the local fire department, the Community and Population Scavenger Hunt was also used when meeting with the local Emergency Management Director for Collin County and the Medical Director of Emergency Services for the local hospital. Although McKinney is unique in nature, it is not unique in the fact that disaster could strike the community at any time without warning, and may come in form of severe weather, pandemic, hazardous materials or terrorism. Information was
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