Community Immersion Analysis On Community

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The definition of Community, Netting, Kettner, McMurty and Thomas (2012) stated by Warren (1978) “Community is the combination of social units and systems that perform the major social functions relevant to meeting people’s needs on a local level.”(p.133). Understanding communities is important to social workers as they have, Netting et al (2012) “to know individuals functions within larger systems, understanding of its history and that communities constantly change” (p. 168). A community has many parts that make it work together; when one part is not working well, it affects the entire system. Social Workers are able to analyze, interpret data and work with community groups and leaders to find solutions to improve the workings of that community to its full potential.
This community immersion analysis will focus on its community’s social agencies, diversity and cultural richness. Systems Theory applies to this area as the macro system of this community’s main downtown street is filled with stores, restaurants, cultural establishments where locals as well as tourist convene (Netting, 2012) “that carries out production as well as school and religious sites work to socialize community members.” (P.140)
Community Demographics Ventura’s downtown area is in the west area direction of Ventura situated along the pacific coastline. The downtown area is considered historic with its rich history of culture, diversity and a long standing for grassroots organizations and
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