Community Immersion

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------------------------------------------------- Fundamentals of Community Immersion Engaging to different community service is the proper way to put in action what has been discussed inside the school. This will give you better understanding of different phases to communicate to the community and how to react in every situation it is facing. During the immersion, the students are expected to collaborate with the community especially in implementing the project proposal they came up. Thus, the project proposal of the students should be an answer or a solution the community need for a specific and identified community or social problem. Here are some definitions of Community Immersion: - It is a form of service learning that is integrated…show more content…
Organizer/Leader should make an initial meeting and interviews to the locals. They should have a site or ocular inspection of the location. This will help in proper entering of the group within the locality. By doing this, Organizer may also get fast facts and other information on the site. The following are the activities you may do during the pre-entry: 1. Site and location selection. 2. Establishing a set of criteria for the choice of the area or community to be organized. It is essential that community members are receptive to the non-government organizations (NGOs) and the type of project you are proposing. This is done through consultations with the leaders of the community. 3. Other considerations include the peace and order situation in the area, interest and willingness of the local government to establish partnership with the project and accessibility of the project site. 4. This also involves gathering of secondary data about the community from the local government, selected key informants or NGOs that have done organizing work in the area. 5. Organizers must be able to give ideas about the benefits and other involvement the community may do. * Entering the Community The community should be aware on the purpose of the groups’ entry. At this stage, there should be a courtesy call for everyone you may get in touch during the implementation
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