Community Immersion : Olympia Downtown District

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Community Immersion: Olympia Downtown District
Kristen Doyle
University of Southern California
Professor Stacy Kratz
May 25th, 2016

There is significant variation in how communities are defined in our world. The dominate themes found relate communities to space, people, interaction, and shared identity (Netting, Kettner, McMurtry, &Thomas, 2012). Understanding communities allows social workers to partner with community members and leaders in order to identify root-causes of social problems and create solutions together. Individuals themselves are experts of their own communities and can offer different ways of viewing the world around them. This paper uses a community assessment framework, discussing community demographics, community characteristics, community structure, and decision-making (Netting et al., 2012). Olympia’s Downtown District, located in Washington State, is the community assessed in this paper. Effective social policies and practices are best developed by social workers that take the time to understand communities and the challenges they face based on the knowledge and viewpoints of target populations residing within those communities.
Community Demographics
The Downtown District is an urban hub that stands apart for its artistic flair, locally owned shops and restaurants, challenges with homelessness, and crime. Tourists are seen snapping photographs of the many artistic murals painted on the sides of buildings throughout the community,…
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