Community Immersion Project

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On the other hand, it is generally felt by Mexicans that Whites and Blacks seem to be more job-oriented, showing more dedication towards their jobs and making money, and are willing to move away for economic reasons ( N. Stewart, church leader, personal communication, May 26, 2011). 6 Understanding the roles played by neighborhood institutions has become increasingly important in light of dramatic changes in policy in the economic landscape since the Personality Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 ( Small, 2006). With toughened accessibility to government-sponsored welfare programs, studies have shown that residents of poor neighborhoods rely on social ties and the organizational ties of the neighborhood institutions in which the residents participate. ( Small, 2006). Neighborhood churches, such as Emmanuel temple, a pre-dominantly Black church, recreation centers, and childcare centers like Drew Pre-school Inc., are primary organizations that residents rely on to bridge the gap of need and services, among the residents in Lynwood.

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