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SOWK 543- Fall 2012
Assignment #1: Community Immersion

Joseph Gossner
Stephanie Carter


The purpose of this research paper is to compare and contrast two smaller sub-communities that are encompassed by the larger community of Santa Maria, California. This paper will promote the beliefs and theories of modern Social Workers, and address the resources and needs of the two communities in question. The compilation of this paper was derived from research that was conducted through interactions and exposure to the residents of these two communities, in conjunction with, interviews and site visits to several community organizations, recreational facilities, and areas of worship. Upon completion of this paper, the
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The western boundary is comprised of agricultural farm fields, and the eastern border consists of the main thoroughfare with the name of Broadway. North Park has a geographical area of approximately six square miles, consisting of residential housing, retail business and industrial areas. North Park is located seven miles from the community of Orcutt.
The Orcutt area of Santa Maria is located on the southern end of Santa Maria. It is surrounded by distinct boundaries. The northern boundary of Orcutt is McCoy Street and the southern boundary is comprised of mountains and uninhabited land. The western and eastern boundary of Orcutt is comprised of uninhabited farm land. Orcutt encompasses a geographical area of approximately 6.5 square miles. The community of Orcutt is comprised of residential housing, and retail businesses.
Brief history of communities. In 1901, “William Orcutt leased over 70,000 acres within a year for oil exploration. After a short period time, Santa Maria was the leader in California for oil production. Santa Maria incorporated as a general law city in 1905” (Bell 2012).The Santa Maria Valley throughout its history has remained primarily oil production, and agricultural in its nature and economy. Both of the focal systems developed in direct collaboration with the city of Santa Maria. The North Park area of Santa Maria developed in support of the agricultural business, and in turn, the Orcutt area was developed

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